The Journey Center for Healing Arts

2700 South Roan Street
, 37601 Johnson City


Life can be a bumpy ride, leaving us with bruises to our heart and soul. From that pain place, we need a little help to get back to who we are, to the truth of who we can be. That place of pain can look like worry, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fear, relationship struggles, and can sometimes land us in the midst of disordered eating or post traumatic stress.

Those are the labels that our society has placed on that hurt. We call it a soul bruise, and it can feel like standing in quicksand: afraid to move, but with a knowing that you cannot stay there. To heal the bruise and escape the quicksand, you need love, time, safety, to slow down, and to find a way to keep yourself protected while you heal and emerge stronger and truer.

In 2009, we started The Journey Center, a counseling practice to help people out of that place of pain and fear, back to their true Self. We want to provide that safe place of compassionate, acceptance, curiosity, and healthy relationship, the comfort of acceptance as you are, and the time to devote to feeding your soul.

You are welcome here, and we look forward to helping you find the resources and support you need.


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