Step by Step Instructions to add your Business Profile to Tri Cities Info


Adding your business profile to Tri Cities Info is pretty quick and easy! Let’s go through the steps together:


  1. Register for an account by clicking on the “Sign In” button at the top right of the home page, or by clicking on the “Get Started Now” buttons scattered through the site.

  2. Log into your account. You will start on your dashboard. 

  3. To add your Company Profile, click on the “Business Search” link on the left side of the screen.

  4.  Click on the green “Add Business Search” button

  5. Plan Option: The Product Page is where you will choose your business plan. Choose the option you would like, and then click “Submit” (Note: If you choose a paid plan, you will be able to pay for the plan after entering your Business Profile.)  

  6.  Primary Category: Choose the Primary Category for your business. All FREE accounts get to list in one category. Gold plans allow up to three categories, and Platinum plans allow up to 99 categories.  (Note that the Category folders open up when you click on them, exposing many more categories under each.)

  7. Extra Categories: On the next page, choose “Extra Categories” if you have a paid plan. If you have a FREE plan, skip this section. 

  8. Parent Business Search: Skip this section for now. (As you add other items to Tri Cities Info, this section will be used.) 

  9. Logo: Upload or drag your company logo into this field. 

  10. Company Name: Enter your company name as you wish it to appear on your profile.

  11. Unique Code: This field will automatically build as you enter your company name. This unique code is used to build your page on the site. Once your profile is submitted, you can always use the URL generated from this unique code to send users directly to your profile, by submitting your Unique Code into the URL like this:

  12. Summary: Enter a summary or tagline about your business. This summary appears on the search results page when users are searching, so make it something short and interesting! 

  13. Description: Use this section to describe your business. 

  14. Gallery: Different plan levels allow for different amounts of pictures you can upload. Add pictures of anything you wish to showcase about your business. The most popular Business Profiles have several pictures listed. 

  15. Hours: Use this section to list your business hours/day open. This is an optional field.  Note that once you enter the first day/hours, a second box will appear, so you want to add days/hours for any day of the week your business is open. Once your profile is live, it will list your company as “Open/Closed Now” and will show the open hours. 

  16. Phone: Enter your phone number 

  17. Website: Enter your company website URL. If you do not have a company website, you may choose to enter the URL to any of your social media business pages. Note that the website format must be in this format: You have to include the “http://” in the website URL.

  18. Address: Enter your company address. If you wish to not list a physical address, you can just list your town name. 

  19. Zip Code: Enter your zip code. These address fields help create maps to your business, as well as allow users to search for your business within a zip code radius to their area. 

  20. Location: Choose from the drop-down. If your business is not located in Johnson City, Kingsport or Bristol, you can select your exact city by choosing “United States”, then the state, and finally the city. Note that the map will change based upon the location, address and zip code you entered.

  21. Latitude & Longitude: These sections will auto-populate based on the address you entered. Leave these as-is, as these are the map coordinates that the system uses to build the map for your business. 

  22. Veteran Owned Business: Click Yes if your business is a Certified Veteran Owned Business. This will show on your profile. (If you are a Certified Veteran-Owned business, please contact us - we will upgrade your plan for free!)

  23. SEO Title, SEO Keywords, SEO Description: Use these fields to briefly list information about your business. These SEO tags are what help Google find your page when someone does a search. 

  24. Timezone: This is used to determine Open/Closed business hours on your profile. Use “UTC-4” as this is our timezone. 

  25. Discount Code: If you have received a discount code or coupon from Tri Cities Info, enter the code here. 

  26. Click Submit and you’re done! Your business profile will now appear on the site! Note that we do review and approve every business listing before it can show on the live site. This is to help keep the site clean and to only list credible, real businesses on Tri Cities Info! 


Headline: Everything you need to know to create your Business Profile
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